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Printspot: How To Choose Incredible Table Tent Design Ideas

What is a table tent?

A table tent is also known as a table standee, table stalker, or table cards. It is a piece of printed stock (plastic and paper) that is folded into a unique shape and used as a tabletop display. A table tent is self-standing.

Table tents are ideal for businesses such as restaurants, bars, cafes, company showrooms, and many more.

Table tents are an effective way of marketing. Because they are prints, they are cost-effective, even though they are made in large numbers. They are an easy way to display important information such as promotions, upcoming events, and weekly specials.

Table tents act as a small billboard. But because of their proximity to the audience, they should be colorful so they are irresistible to read. Or even add artwork to the mini billboards, just so that they stand out.

Table tents should be made using heavy cardstock. So that they can balance on their own. These days, materials such as plastic and acrylic are also used to create table tents. Some designs such as die-cuts enable table tents to have a base at the bottom making it easier for them to balance on their own.

Table tents are an effective way to communicate to the clients while they are waiting. They have a limited time to convey a message to an audience. Hence, they should carry simple language and direct messages. 

Some businesses have used this marketing tool as a packaging. It saves two purposes. Below is the diagram

Table tents
Image credit: Primoprint

4 things to consider when designing table tents 


Choose the best color
  • While others believe that a bright color attracts the most, I advise that you choose a color that matches your brand. To avoid making your customers dubious. People naturally do not like reading. Pick the best color that arouses the curiosity in them. And that makes them grab your copy at first sight.
Choose the best quality images.
  • The best quality images are the ones-shot by you. Stock images are great, but at times they make your clients doubt your product because they are everywhere. Remember to put a colorful and clear image. And a relevant picture.
Choose a table tent design that suits your business.
  • You can’t put a wedding table standee in a construction company showroom. That is being off-topic. Mind your location. Choose the best type of designs that suit your business services. For example, if you are a construction company that also sells building equipments, you should consider using a ‘product display table tent card’ 


Choose the best commercial printing company
  • The best printer is the one that offers the services that you require, in good quality and at an affordable price. Check their coating options before you print. So that your table tents are durable and stand out

Table tents can be prints in different sizes, but the most common sizes are 4×6 and 5 x 5.5. 

 If you have an upcoming table tent project, contact us on 011 788 6825 and get expert advice on designs the best table tents. Or you can get a free quotation if you have already decided which ideas you want, send an email at [email protected]

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