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4 Things That Your Diary Printing Company Has Been Hiding From You 

Diary Printing has been alive for centuries and decades. Until digital printing came in the 90s, diary printing has been on the peak. This has resulted in the birth of several diary printing companies.

Because these days most people view diaries as a thing of the past, and diary printing graph has indeed been declining lately. Fortunately, printing companies have resolved a new technique and continued to print in a personalized way. It is print on demand.

If you have a pending diary printing project, then you should read the five secrets below that diary printing companies have kept to their clients.

  1. You have the right to design your diaries. It is also known as customizing diaries. Most digital printing companies reserve the right for clients to design their dream diaries. 
  2. Clients have the right to view sample printing projects before they hire a diary printing company. Samples are an example of the products that have been printed before. These days most companies protect the privacy of their clients. Such that they prohibit offering samples from previous projects. Nevertheless, some diary printing companies provide consultations instead. Prospect clients have the right to get consultations before they sign a contract. 
  3. Digital printing is not always the best type of printing. We are living in an era where everything with the name digital is rosy. However, a printing company must share the advantages and disadvantages of a printing technique. So that you can have room to choose the best type of printing. Digital Printing is an ideal technique for low-volume prints. Digital prints are less durable than offset prints. Hence you have a right to know what printing type is going to be applied to your project.
  4. The images on the screen will not be of the exact quality when printed. Computer screen color is a result of the mixture of colored light to produce colors, while Colors on printed materials are a result of mixing ink. Computers use red, green, and blue(RGB), and printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CYMK). This results in the colors slightly being different.

wire bound diary printing johannesburg

If you are looking for customized diaries for your brand, then you are at the right place.

Printspot offers diary printing services in Johannesburg. Our printed diaries are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and quality.

We print different diaries to suit your taste and style.

Because our services are divided into 2 parts;

1)Print on demand

2)Print for sale

Print on demand

Printspot Printing Company offers diary printing for clients upon special request(print on demand). An individual or a company can hire Printspot to make low volume or high volumes of diaries.

Print for sale

Printspot Company makes diaries for sale. Visit our shop, and buy them at an affordable price.

Our diaries are ideal for businesses, schools, and private organizations. We can brand our diaries if requested by our clients.

We will make your job easier. And our talented in-house Graphic Design crew is thrilled to assist you with page layout or cover design to give your diary a unique look.

We offer diaries in the following range of diaries which include;

1)custom diaries

2)corporate diaries

-these can also be used as corporate gifts

3) personalized diaries

Printed diaries are also supreme for corporate gifts and boosting your brand recognition.

Contact us today and place your diary Printing orders.


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