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5 Incredible Features Of A Good Business Card Printing Company

Almost every printing company proclaims itself the best business card printing company of all time. But are they truly the best?

Today, in this article we are going to address how to identify the best printing company among dozens of printing companies.

The best business card printing companies have good characteristics that make it easy for them to be identified.

These include:


  • This is one of the most important characteristics. A good printing company has a clean reputation. I know that because of the increased online presence, its reputation is easily found on the company’s website through positive reviews. Reviews give an insight into how other clients were treated. And is a recommendation to a prospective client like you.

Customer care

  • Its no doubt the best business card printing company is the one with good customer care. How do you that the company offers good customer care? You can check reviews, contact them and schedule a meeting. A consultation is an opportunity to know how they treat their customers. And how they will handle your project 

Business card printing prices

  • While every printing company that offers cheap prices is attractive, and this is normal. But this is dangerous. Since most printing companies compromise quality in the process of offering cheap prices. You should watch your back for these types of commercial printers. On the other hand printing companies that offer affordable business card printing prices are ideal. You wouldn’t want to strain your budget, would you?

Quality of their printed business cards

  • You can ask for samples during a consultation with your commercial printer. Most printing companies are good at promising what they cannot deliver. Check samples on their website. Or visit their brick-and-mortar shop because online samples can be deceiving at times.

Type of printing services

  • Do they offer business card printing services? It is wise to check samples to avoid fraud and to make sure if they print the exact business cards you want 

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Additional Information About Business Cards


What information must be included on my business cards?

I advise that you offer brief details on your business card, to avoid content stuffing.


A logo is a visual image of who your company is and what it does. There are three types of branded logos


-written name


i. Symbol

This is usually in an image. It stands out to represent your company in a different shape. The apple shape is the most favorable for most institutions. This image is ideal if it is linked to your company’s activities( services and products).


In most cases, this is an abbreviation of your company’s name for example PI for Proxel Internationational. It is good for a company with a long name. This graphic written logo is also used by brands like Coca-cola.

iii. Written name

It is also known as a wordmark. It is a distinctive logotype that prevents third-party access.

2. Companys website

Most companies are online now and so are your potential customer. Putting a website on a business card can help a customer know more about your business before she contacts you. It saves time all the time she is supposed to contact you and get answers.

3. Companys name

Your company name should be the longest text on your business card.

4. logo

You need to put your logo on the back of your business card. The back logo should be in black and white.

5. Tagline

Try to make this short if possible six words or less. This is a summary of the services that your company offers. For example, ‘Printing services for Johannesburg’.

6. A name

An individual’s name from your company. This could be your manager’s name or your name. Someone who the person is going to speak if he or she calls. This creates a personalized communication.

7 .Contact details

This includes a phone number and an address. Adding an address will increase foot traffic.

Know more about us

Prinspot is an expert in a business card printing company in Johannesburg.

For a couple of years, we have been printing business cards for Johannesburg. We have gained the knowledge and the passion to print the best business cards for firms in Johannesburg and all over Africa.

We are a team of young, vision-wise, talented, and experienced business card printers. Our team also has graphic designers to add some art to your business cards. If you do not want your brand to look boring and sleazy to your customers, choose Printspot for top-notch business cards.

We understand that most people assume that business cards are not outdated. But we believe in business cards as a way of sealing your agreement. It could be after a meeting with a prospective client, or a brief presentation with a sponsor giving them a business card that makes them feel trusted.


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We also believe handing over is ubuntu. It’s part of our culture to give rather than receive. Handing over a business card to your prospective client is celebrating the culture from abo Koko bethu.

As Printspot Business card printers, we are open to your unique designs. We do not want to limit you. If you want your business cards to look outstanding, then why not give us a call. With the help of our team and you, we can create unique business cards.

We do not just talk about doing it. We make it happen. We offer surveys and samples before produce your products.

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